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About us
In early 2007 American Global Investments & Trading, LLC more commonly known as AGIT was formed to target International Business Acquisitions and Commodities Trading. Our focus was to target a robust trading market in an otherwise slowing world economy. As always we are grateful to anyone that is interested in the AGIT Family. Our company was founded on very basic principles; Honesty, Integrity and reliability. Our Founders have a diverse business background and over 50 years of combined experience in International Business and US domestic. Because of that background AGIT has formed relationships across the Globe with many heads of business as well as Government such as Dr. Kenneth Garcia an aide to President Jimmy Carter. These are relationships that are taken very seriously and have been instrumental to the growth of AGIT.

AGIT was focusing on already established relationships and educating itself on the few chosen products for trade such as, Sugar, Rice, Cement and Petroleum products such as D2, Mazut and Jet Fuel as well as Scrap Steel and Gold. We will serve as liaison between the buyer and our refinery representative, mandate compliance and/or sales departments, we will pass your information and order request to, once it is complete. Our rules are strict but not completely inflexible.

It is important that you understand that we are in direct contact with a global energy company and not any fictional "mandate" or intermediary. not only is one of our main suppliers an holdings company and a refinery owner, they also have longstanding relationships with major business partners like ADNOC (U.A.E.), GAZPROM, TOTAL (FRANCE), ENI (SPAIN), NIOC (IRAN), ROSNEFT, ENEL (ITALY) AND SAUDI ARAMCO and have a broad portfolio of solar power and geothermal interests.

You will be able to confirm that OUR REFINERIES is both registered and approved by The United Nations and the European Union. One of our refineries has a longstanding relationship with the Russian Ministry of Energy, and are also registered and approved with the U.S. Dept of Defense and ARAMCO.

In September 2008 AGIT was introduced and began to study the world market in pharmaceutical sales. This industry seemed to fit our business model perfectly and we began educating ourselves in the Industry. In December 2008, AGIT went under contract to purchase 50% of Amwin Life Sciences Limited, based outside of New Delhi India.

Because of contacts AGIT Principals has accumulated over 50 years of combined International business experience and developed relationships in general, we knew that we would be able to target and be competitive in markets such as Russia, Mexico, Barbados, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. We know we can penetrate these markets with very little resistance. We also knew with those relationships we could develop a strong trade platform within the Russian Federation.
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